There are many reasons the current “bill-you-for-every-minute” lawyer model is wrong for business including no documented ROI, too slow and inefficient, no accountability, too expensive, and no proven value.

So, we at InPrime created a new, revolutionary approach. We call it the InPrime Client Advantage Plan.

Download a copy of our InPrime Client Advantage Plan here.

Predictable Fee (No More Expensive Surprises)

We charge a flat monthly fee. That helps you – with predictable costs. This also forces us to be more efficient lawyers on your behalf.

With a flat monthly fee, we’re incentivized to fix your legal issues fast. And thoroughly – so they stay fixed. Because that’s what’s best for you – fast, thorough, less expensive solutions.

Honestly. You’d be amazed how much time lawyers waste, filling out time sheets. We don’t have to do all that. Which means, unlike other firms, we don’t spend hours every day billing clients. We spend our day serving them.

Proactive, not Reactive, Legal Advice

With InPrime, business law is no longer reactive and where you’re just waiting for things to go awry. Now, you and we can be proactive. Give us every contract, every loan document, every proposal, every letter of intent, all compliance regulations, give us your employee handbook, every job description, anything – and let us review and improve them all – because we want to prevent issues before they even occur. And why wouldn’t you give them all to us – remember, you’re not paying us by the hour.

What a huge win for you! Inexpensive prevention today always beats expensive, surprise catastrophes tomorrow.

We’re Problem Solvers – We Do It Right, We Do It Fast

Since there’s no financial incentive for us to drag something out, you can trust we’ll be efficient and effective. We solve your problems. And, we’ll do it right, right now.

Our Priority is Profits: Yours – And Ours.

We’re business people first – who just happen to be lawyers. What that means to you is, we ‘get it’ that winning legal battles isn’t really a win if you lose a ton of money in the process. Your profits matter greatly to you, and as business people ourselves, we put your profits ahead of our own.

A Demonstrated Return on Your Investment

Any smart executive wants to see – deserves to see – the rate of Return on Investment (e.g., ROI). But in the old model, you wonder if the return was worth the investment. And you’re given zero proof it was. Well, wonder no more.

Listen to this. We aim to get you to a ten-fold return on your fees. I’ll say it again – a 10-fold return. That is what our members have reported. And we will document exactly how much our proactive approach has benefitted you – in litigation thwarted, compliance completed, and better contracts negotiated. We challenge you to find another law firm that does this.

And if we can’t get you a ROI, then our profits don’t matter, because you’ll be out the door. Neither of us win if that happens.