InPrime acquires Page Law and its In House program! Don’t worry, all employees, including Jonathan Page, have all signed stay agreements.  In all seriousness, Marietta-based Page Law rebrands as InPrime.

“As we became more focused and deliberate about getting businesses in prime legal condition, we realized our brand must evolve as well,” said Jonathan Page, Managing Attorney.   “InPrime is more consistent with our mission of helping our clients build resilience to liability by proactively identifying and then eliminating and reducing legal threats, some of which compromise the very existence of the business itself. This first starts with the business owner and helping her fully understand the legal risks associated with pursing a particular course of action or making a strategic decision.  Once she understands the legal risk, then we can help her pursue the risk more safely, without gambling,” added Jonathan.

Near the end of 2015, Page Law transformed its business and way of operating in order to deliver even more value to its small and midsized business clients.

First, it changed its fee arrangement from hourly to a monthly predictable flat fee.  “We realized we had to eliminate any hesitation around our legal team getting involved when the owner is about to make an important strategic decision, like adding an additional partner or offering an employee equity.  So, we changed our pricing to work exclusively on a predictable flat fee and not on an hourly rate.  The flat fee model promotes proactive rather than reactive attorney consultations,” explained Jonathan.

Second, the firm now assigns every client a Chief Legal Officer.  “To proactively uncover legal threats, we realized we needed to inspect the business for legal exposure on a consistent and regular basis.  It is the difference between visiting your own trusted doctor as opposed to an urgent care clinic.  The physician at the urgent care clinic is simply going to respond and react to the urgent needs brought to her attention (like my knee really hurts).  In contrast, your own trusted doctor will poke and prod and attempt to uncover health concerns that might not have even been apparent, in order to tackle small health issues before they become big health issues. So, the Chief Legal Officer functions in the same way – as the trusted health physician for the business – and pokes and prods and performs an exposure inspection and tackles little legal problems before they become big legal problems,” explained Jonathan.

Finally, the firm now operates more like an outsourced law department.  The business receives a dedicated legal team, who assemble all the solutions and manage the legal projects from start to finish, so the business owner can have more time to focus on building and growing the business.  “This is not a “do it yourself” program; InPrime is a “we do it for you” program,” said Jonathan.

This innovative approach is fundamentally different from how the traditional law firm works.  “We want business owners to take risks, because that is how the owner gets to profit; but, we just don’t want the business owner to gamble with risk,” emphasized Jonathan.  With this innovative strategy, InPrime has attracted and enrolled 38 businesses just this year.  “Our rebranding to InPrime better represents the manner in which we execute on this strategy for our clients,” said Jonathan.


Moving forward, you can contact any member of the firm using the email addresses.  However, if you still use the or, these emails will continue to forward to the InPrime team.


Stephanie James