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The lawyers who rewrote the rules on how a law firm should serve clients and charge fees. Our 5-Point Client Advantage guarantees it!

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“After joining InPrime, our restaurant is 4-times more profitable than the fee we pay and better prepared to identify and eliminate legal liability.”

Stephen is an owner and Director of Operations at Rumi’s Kitchen. See how he has generated a profit with a proactive legal team at his disposal.  Watch the video >>

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Predictable Fee
(No More Expensive Surprises)

We charge a flat monthly fee. That helps you – with predictable costs. This also forces us to be more efficient lawyers on your behalf.


Our Priority is Profits: Yours – and Ours.

Most lawyers think legal first. We’re business people first – who just happen to be lawyers. We put your business first and then wrap the law around it.


A Demonstrated Return on Your Investment

We guarantee a return on your fees. This keeps our attorneys focused on the results achieved and value gained, not on the time spent.


Proactive, not Reactive, Legal Advice

With InPrime, business law is no longer reactive and where you’re just waiting for things to go awry.


We’re Problem Solvers – We Do It Right, We Do It Fast

Because there’s no financial incentive for us to drag something out, you can trust we’ll do it right, right now.

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What is InPrime?

Our model provides the business owner and her executive team with a proactive and specialized outsourced law department.

Chief Legal Officer

The Chief Legal Officer is accountable for the work of the legal team and takes a “business first” approach to achieving the company’s key initiatives.

CLO Meetings

At regular CLO Meetings, the Chief Legal Officer and executive team prioritize legal projects to avoid business interruptions and further the company’s short-term initiatives and the long-term vision.

Exposure Inspection

The Chief Legal Officer regularly inspects the business for exposure and reports on the legal threats avoided and eliminated.

Specialized Legal Team

The Legal Team executes on the action plans, provides “no assembly required” solutions, and consists of corporate and competition counsel, employment counsel and contacts and IP counsel, and counsel for your leases and commercial real estate.

ROI Report Card

We guarantee our members a minimum 10-fold return on their fees. With our proprietary ROI tracker, we document exactly how much our proactive approach has gained our members – in litigation thwarted, compliance completed, and better contracts negotiated.

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Industries Supported by InPrime

The following industries have received a substantial and significant ROI from being part of InPrime.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Service Businesses

Manufacturers & Distributors

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