Let InPrime Be Your Outsourced Legal Team

  • Our creative, solutions-based attorneys know your business inside and out.
  • InPrime’s monthly subscription-based model eliminates billable hours.
  • Like a General Counsel, we focus on getting results that line up with your strategic vision.

Discover why so many businesses have joined InPrime.

A predictable flat monthly fee

You get a better return on your investment (ROI). Our value proposition is contingent on your ROI. Our subscription structure means you pay for the results achieved and value gained, not time spent. The result — our members have reported a 10-fold ROI.


We are more proactive, effective, and efficient

We are incentivized to “get things done the first time,” both in terms of threat mitigation and a strong legal foundation focused on your growth. Because that is best for you — fast, thorough, less expensive solutions — done right, right now.


Our priority is profits — yours and ours

Our model is scalable. The more we do this, the better we get, the more efficiently we serve you, the more your value grows, the more our business grows


More time to Focus on the success of your business

You get peace of mind. Give us every contract, loan document, proposal, your employee handbook, job description — and let us review and improve them all. Remember, you are not paying us by the hour. Spend more time on your business and less time worrying about your business.

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What is InPrime?

Our model provides the business owner and their executive team with a proactive and specialized outsourced law department.

Legal Roadmap

Together, we prioritize the legal projects that will bring you the greatest impact.

Member Huddles

During our 15 minute member huddles, we review and reprioritize legal projects and report on progress.

Legal Team

Your legal team approaches each legal issue or opportunity with a business first mindset and keeps their focus on “Yes, if… instead of “No, because…”

Quarterly Meetings

At our quarterly CLO Meetings, we ensure the legal roadmap continues to align with your strategic vision and initiatives.

Discover how InPrime can help you.

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Industries Supported by InPrime

The following industries have received a substantial and significant ROI from being part of InPrime.


With the minimum wage tip credit, federal labor laws impose some additional requirements on restaurants. Navigating regulatory audits safely is imperative. Otherwise, penalties can be substantial–even business-destroying. Therefore, we perform a comprehensive FLSA audit, to ensure compliance with federal and state labor requirements.

See these resources for more solutions:
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Opening a New Restaurant Scorecard

Service Industries

With service-based businesses, we limit any liability for consequential damages, such as a customer’s lost profits. We also bolster payment provisions to prevent a disgruntled customer subsequently refusing to pay your fee. With your sales team, we’ll draft covenants to protect your business against unfair competition, preventing companies from soliciting your clients and other concerns.

See these resources for more solutions:
Customer Contract Scorecard
Sales Representative Scorecard

Manufacturing & Distribution

The Uniform Commercial Code plays a key role with any manufacturing or distribution of goods. In order to make sure that the “battle of the forms” favors you, we work hand-in-hand with your sales department and key managers–to increase the likelihood that your terms prevail in the event of a dispute. For example, we’ll work with your team to handle purchase orders and quotes, and we’ll prepare your company’s terms and conditions.

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Worker Misclassification Scorecard

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