Hiring an attorney can be expensive, even if you need an attorney for a minor legal issue. Many law firms charge upward of $400 per hour to assist clients with legal matters. Prepaid legal service plans are an important innovation that allows businesses and individuals to enjoy affordable legal services for a predictable monthly fee. The primary purpose of prepaid legal plans is to prevent lawsuits from happening. Plan members have easy access to an attorney, helping them avoid legal problems or resolve them quickly.

Understanding Prepaid Legal Services

A prepaid legal service plan typically covers the business that purchases the plan. If an individual purchases a prepaid legal plan, the plan usually includes the plan member and his or her immediate family, such as a spouse and unmarried dependent children who reside with the member. In some ways, prepaid legal plans operate like legal insurance plans. The member pays a monthly fee to prepay for future legal services they may need in the future.

In exchange for paying a set monthly fee, the plan member will be entitled to basic services such as legal advice, telephone consultation, review on preparation of legal documents, and sending letters on behalf of the plan member. More comprehensive prepaid legal plans can include representation for more complex legal matters.

Why are More Businesses Choosing Prepaid Attorneys?

Prepaid attorneys have been growing in popularity. More and more people are choosing legal insurance plans because they provide greater depth of coverage and more breadth than other types of legal service options. When using a prepaid attorney, clients and attorneys can rely on the high standards of service. They can also know that the lawyers in the network are selected for their skill, ethics and that the prepaid legal service holds attorneys accountable. Legal insurance is a regulated industry that needs service expectations and proves that they are solvent enough to pay their claims.

Prepaid attorneys focus on providing legal access to everyone and preventing unnecessary lawsuits that can hurt their clients. As the legal industry adapts to provide client-focused services and more accessible to all, options like prepaid attorneys will be used more and more as a valuable solution. Businesses that cannot otherwise afford to ask an attorney about a legal matter can obtain the legal advice they need affordably through a prepaid attorney.

The Different Types of Prepaid Legal Plans

A prepaid attorney can provide you with many different benefits. Prepaid attorneys offer comprehensive legal coverage to businesses and individuals. Sometimes the wide variety of offerings that prepaid attorneys provide their clients are referred to as “group legal services.” These types of services can be unfairly lumped together with prepaid legal services. In general, there are four main types of prepaid legal plans available to clients:

  • Document provider: Some prepaid legal plans involve document preparation. In exchange for paying a monthly fee, the client will have access to an attorney who can draft legal documents on their behalf, such as employee agreements, lease agreements, and other business contracts.
  • Discount legal plan: Sometimes, people will receive discounted hourly fees from attorneys on legal services through screen attorneys. While a lawyer in a firm may typically charge $500 per hour, a lawyer through a prepaid legal service may only charge $300 per hour.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Large employers are beginning to provide their employees access to a group legal fund. Doing so is considered an employment perk that helps draw and keep talented employees. These prepaid legal plans may offer employees a free initial consultation for general advice and provide them with additional legal services at a discounted rate.
  • Prepaid Legal Insurance Plans: The client will pay a set premium each month in prepaid legal insurance plans. In exchange, the client will receive legal services from an attorney within the plan. When the client needs to use an attorney within the prepaid legal network, most legal matters will be 100% paid in full by the prepaid legal service. In other words, the client will typically not have to pay out-of-pocket for legal representation as long as he or she has been paying the monthly premiums. Every contract is different and has limitations as to what the prepaid legal plan covers types of legal matters.

How Does a Prepaid Attorney Plan Work?

When you work with InPrime Legal, you will be assigned to your legal team, including a chief legal officer. The chief legal officer is responsible for your team’s legal work and takes a business-first approach to achieve your goals. The chief legal officer will learn more about your business and discover whether there are any legal or regulatory issues your business needs to confront. The chief legal officer will prepare a strategy to confront these issues head-on to prevent your legal risk and exposure.

Your chief legal officer will also meet with you and your executive team to discuss important opportunities and issues. At InPrime Legal, we focus on providing our clients with excellent communication. Our chief legal officer will communicate with you regularly to report on any liabilities they have sorted and establish priorities. When you work with InPrime Legal, you will have a specialized legal team focused on results-driven objectives. We also provide our clients with a return on the investment report card and guarantee them a minimum tenfold return on their monthly fees.

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Are you the owner of a small to mid-sized business? Are you interested in an affordable monthly fee for a prepaid attorney? If so, InPrime Legal, based in Marietta, Georgia, is here to help. We provide a prepaid legal service model for business owners and executive teams with an outsourced legal department. Our new way to approach your business’s legal needs can help you save time and money. Contact InPrime Legal today to schedule your free consultation to learn more about our prepaid legal services.