External Firm Policies

101: Suspension of Work for Non-Payment

If a client fails to abide by the terms of the Enrollment Agreement or other arrangement due to non-payment, then it is the firm policy to suspend all non-essential work on the client’s matter.  This suspension will occur automatically ten (10) days after a statement has become past due.  At such time, the digital and paper files will be flagged and staff members will suspend work until the non-payment issue is resolved.  Once resolved, the client will be reinstated and we will advise the attorneys to proceed with any scheduled work.

102: Routine and Urgent Questions

Support staff can most efficiently handle all routine questions.  Please send an email to office@inprimelegal.com or call us at 770-285-7785.  “Routine” might include, for example, asking for a copy of a contract.

Support Staff will prioritize all urgent matters.  If you call in regards to an “urgent” matter, please use that word and our staff will triage your issue and take the necessary steps to assess and handle your situation.  Our staff has been further instructed to schedule a telephone appointment with you and an attorney the same business day if needed to deal with any “urgent” matters. An “urgent” matter is something that requires an attorney’s immediate attention because of an unforeseen deadline (e.g., involving deal deadlines), an employee grievance or similar urgent matter.

103: Emergencies

If you call in regards to an “emergency,” please use that word and our staff has been instructed to take every step possible to reach an attorney in our office, including calling the attorney’s family members on your behalf or pulling the attorney out of a meeting.  An “emergency” is something that is an immediate legal threat to your business, its revenues or property or an immediate threat to your professional license.   Please do not use email.  We have an attorney “on call” for after business hours emergencies.  When you call the office at 770-285-7785 after business hours with an emergency, our support staff will connect you to that attorney.

104:  Access to Attorneys

We strive to be timely, effective and efficient with our communications.  This makes the best use of your time and our time.  Accordingly, we have instructed our support staff to triage your call and ask about the nature of your call.  If your question requires no legal advice, then oftentimes a staff member can give you an immediate response.  If, however, you require legal advice and wish to speak with an attorney, our staff has been instructed to first, find out what you want to discuss with the attorney, and second, arrange for a scheduled telephone call.   By scheduling attorney calls at specified times, this allows us to avoid a lengthy game of phone tag, and to ensure that the attorney can be fully prepared and focused on you.

As always, please be open and honest with our staff and understand that our entire team will keep your matter confidential.

105:  Email Policy

While our attorneys strive to respond to emails quickly, out team cannot always respond immediately.  Because our attorneys stay focused on the most critical issues facing our clients, we check email periodically.  If you need an immediate response, please send an email to or carbon copy office@inprimelegal.com.  Our support staff regularly monitors this account and will prioritize these emails to ensure you receive a timely response from the appropriate team member.  Emails received after business hours or on the weekend will be answered the next business day.  For emergencies, however, refer to Section 103.

106:  Text message and Social Media Policy

Because of the difficult nature of keeping permanent records, the firm does not communicate on legal matters via text messages.  Because of the lack of privacy, the firm does not communicate on legal matters via social media.

107:  Legal Advice by Support Staff

Our non-attorney staff cannot give legal advice, because they are not attorneys licensed to practice law.

108:  New Information; New Developments

Please contact our office and relay any new information or developments related to your matter, including current and preferred contact information, changes in marital status and mailing addresses, and any significant events that may impact your matter.

109: Treatment of Opposing Parties; Staff

To best protect your interests, please direct all communications with opposing parties through our firm, unless specifically authorized.   While not every situation is contentious, a matter can become heated or escalate in tension on occasion.  In such situations, we will engage in a manner designed to best represent you while maintaining the professionalism and integrity of our profession. We expect you, the client, to be professional at all times, including in court, at depositions, and in any other meetings.

110:  Honesty Required

Both clients and our attorneys agree to be truthful and sincere in all communications.  If you do not provide us with complete and honest communications about the underlying matter, we cannot fully do our job to assist you. While some things may seem embarrassing, please let your attorney know so we can address it and be prepared if it comes up as part of the legal matter.

When you are completely honest with us, we can better represent you.  We cannot fix or protect you from what we do not know.  Remember, everything you tell us is confidential.  If we discover you have not been truthful or sincere with us about your matter, then we reserve the right to terminate our representation of you.

  1. Record Retention

We will keep confidential any nonpublic information supplied to us by you in accordance with the applicable rules of professional conduct.  At your request, papers and property will be returned by electronic copy, along with originals.  We will retain our own files pertaining to this matter.  These files, include, for example, firm administrative records, time and expense reports, personnel and staffing materials, credit and accounting records, and internal lawyers’ work products such as drafts, notes and internal memoranda.  All such documents retained by our firm will be transferred to the person responsible for administrating our records retention program.  For various reasons, including minimization of unnecessary storage expenses, we retain the right to destroy or otherwise dispose of such documents or other materials retained by us within a reasonable time after termination of your engagement with our firm.

112: Referrals

Beyond our legal services, our firm will gladly assist you in finding additional help for your professional, business and personal needs.  We actively maintain a list of experienced and trusted outside professionals and vendors as a resource for our clients.  We believe a referral from our firm will help to ensure that you receive the highest quality service.  If you do not receive such service, however, we would appreciate it if you would let us know so we can update our list accordingly.  Please note that we do not request or accept referral fees from anyone on our referral list.  The only exception is if/when we actively work on a matter with an attorney to whom a legal matter is referred with full disclosure to you in the representation agreement.

Likewise, we would appreciate and welcome any business referrals you can send our way and will honor the same commitments of quality, professionalism and confidentiality that made us your trusted advisors.  We particularly appreciate introductions by e-mail so that we know who to thank for the referral.

113: Privacy & Confidentiality; Duration of Attorney-Client Privilege

We want you to feel confident in providing us with any and all information regarding your matter.  Every communication (oral, written, or otherwise) with our firm is confidential.  The Firm shall not discuss your matter with third parties, except when required in the course of representation or when you have provided your consent.  This duty of confidentiality applies to all attorneys and staff members of our firm at all times.  And, we are obligated to maintain such confidentiality in perpetuity.

Please be aware, however, that the attorney-client privilege can be waived by you if you discuss your matter or disclose any confidential information with anyone outside of our firm. In the event that you break the privilege, please know that it does not necessarily mean we would share your confidential information to any third party.   Also, if you choose to include a third party to attend any in-person, telephonic, or electronic meeting with our firm, you have expressly waived the attorney-client privilege with respect to any information discussed during such meeting.

114: Boundaries; Treatment of Staff

We require that relationships between the firm and client be of a professional nature only.  This means that members of the firm are expected to treat you with professionalism, courtesy, and respect at all times.  If you feel that our firm has not provided you with this service, please contact Jonathan Page, our Managing Attorney, at jonathan@inprimelegal.com.

Similarly, we expect the same of you. We require that you conduct yourself appropriately and with the utmost level of professionalism towards our firm members. Our firm has a zero tolerance policy for client hostility, including yelling, cursing or other inappropriate conduct towards any member of the firm.  Failure to adhere to this policy will result in an immediate termination of representation.  And, our staff is empowered to discontinue any impolite or hostile communication.