Business owners face a wide range of legal issues on a day-to-day basis. Due to the high costs of paying for an in-house attorney, many businesses cannot access the legal counsel they need. InPrime Legal’s prepaid legal subscription services provide small to mid-sized businesses the opportunity to benefit from in-house counsel. InPrime Legal provides legal work for a subscription or flat fee. We also offer business clients additional legal services and standard legal documents for an additional, affordable price.

1. Basic Business Advice and Limited Consultations

At InPrime Legal, our prepaid legal plan covers basic business advice. Our clients receive a limited amount of consultations with an attorney from one of our 39 affiliate law firms. During your consultation, you can discuss any legal matter with your attorney. These sessions can be focused on legal issues related to basic business matters. For example, suppose you have a question about paying sales tax, an employee dispute, or what the language in a business contract means. In that case, you can discuss the matter with your attorney at a limited consultation.

2. Flat Rates for Additional Services

Our prepaid legal plans also offer flat rates for additional legal services our clients may need. For example, legal services such as creating an employee handbook, contract drafting, and providing intellectual property work are separate add-ons at flat rates. Our clients can rest assured that when they pay our low flat rate fees, they are saving money compared to paying traditional bill-by-the-hour attorney fees.

3. Hourly Rates for Complex Legal Matters

In some cases, the legal issue you are facing as a business owner cannot be solved in a limited consultation or as a flat-rate add-on service. You may need to enforce your intellectual property rights or face a potential lawsuit from a former employee. In addition to addressing the issues that come out of your unique inspection report, our team can work with you on more complex legal projects. We operate just as an in-house legal counsel or department operates. Our services include:

  • Project management of complex deals and issues
  • Intellectual property projects
  • Employment laws
  • Enforcing contracts or defending against breach of contract claims
  • Corporate and competition legal counsel

4. Employee Contracts

While trying to run the day-to-day operations of your business, it can be difficult to focus on long-term planning. Business owners must comply with a wide range of federal, state, and local regulations, especially regarding employees. One of the best things you can do as a business owner is to require your new employees to sign an agreement, or an employment contract. The employment contract should specify the terms of employment, specifying the length of employment, the job title and duties, and the circumstances under which you can terminate your employees position.

You may need to ask your employees to sign a confidentiality agreement or a non-compete agreement. Many businesses turn to online legal services that provide affordable boilerplate employment contracts. Unfortunately, most of these services do not include a review of the contract by an attorney. At InPrime Legal, our team can draft employment contracts for your employees that are tailored to your unique business. We will ensure that the contract is legally enforceable in your state and that it meets your needs.

5. Creating an Employee Handbook

Creating an employee handbook is another way to protect your business from potential lawsuits. Many small to mid-sized businesses do not have employee handbooks, or their handbooks are out-of-date, putting them at risk of a lawsuit. Our prepaid legal plan covers the creation of an employee handbook as an add-on service. We will help you compile all of your business’s policies and protocols and include your employees’ legal rights and obligations while working for you. Creating a comprehensive employee handbook makes it easier for you as a business owner to communicate the responsibilities and rules your employees must uphold.

If a conflict arises, there is no question about what you expect from your employees. Comprehensive employee handbooks can protect your business if anyone questions whether you clearly communicated your policy. Suppose an employee sues you and claims they were harassed by their co-worker. You can point to the section of the employee handbook that clearly states your company’s anti-harassment policies. Every business is unique and requires a unique employee handbook that we can help you write.

6. Managing Your Intellectual Property

As part of your legal subscription with InPrime Legal, we will conduct an exposure inspection of your business. The service is free for potential new clients. As part of your free exposure evaluation, your dedicated legal team will carefully evaluate your corporate structure, your leases and contracts, and your intellectual property protection. You may not even be fully aware of all the intellectual property you would benefit from protecting through trademarks, copyrights, or patents.

First, we will evaluate all of the risks you are experiencing due to a lack of intellectual property protection. We will develop a strategic plan for how to best protect your business’s intellectual property that you already have or that you would like to develop. If you have already begun the process of seeking a trademark, one of our attorneys can help you finalize your application. If you have been denied intellectual property protection, we can help you appeal your case. We can also help you with licensing, and developing strategies for international and domestic intellectual property protection. If you have a complex intellectual property matter, such as the need to enforce a copyright, we provide discounted legal representation for subscription members.

7. Assistance With Online and Email Services

We are living in a brave new world when it comes to technology. The majority of businesses need to have an up-to-date website and many need to have a social media presence. Along with the benefits and exposure that come from websites and social media accounts, there is also a risk of liability. Many business owners may not be aware that their websites need to be compliant under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

If your employees come in contact with confidential information, you may want to develop policies and procedures for how they use their email. Focusing on encrypted emails could also help you protect your sensitive information. For example, if you work with patients’ medical information, how you handle their information is of crucial importance. One of your employees can easily and unintentionally violate HIPAA or other federal laws. There are also federal advertising laws that may come into play with your company’s social media posts. At InPrime Legal, we can evaluate your online, social media, and email practices and advise you of any potential red flags. We can also come up with a proposal to help you make changes to better protect your business.

8. Custom Contract Drafting and Business Contract Review

Businesses rely on contracts every day, but many businesses do not have the resources to pay for an attorney to draft all of their contracts. One of the services covered at InPrime Legal involves contract drafting and negotiation. Boilerplate contracts found online cannot thoroughly protect you should the other party decide to breach the agreement. Additionally, many business owners forgo signing contracts because they do not know how to write a contract, what to put in the contract, or they simply think they do not have time.

Speaking with an attorney to have your business contract professionally drafted or reviewed could save you and your business a significant amount of money, time, and distress down the road. You can manage your legal risks by ensuring that you are using well-drafted contracts in your business. Our contract services include all of the following:

  • Review of your contracts before you sign them
  • Representing clients in claims for breach of contract
  • Defending clients against claims of breach of contract
  • Helping businesses legally limit the damages they need to pay as much as possible under the law

At InPrime Legal, we understand how important contracts are to small and mid-sized businesses. That is why we make our contract services affordable. As part of your exposure review, we will help you understand whether your contracts are protecting you and how you can protect yourself better in the future. Our attorneys can help you with all of the following contract-related matters:

  • Contract litigation
  • Commercial leases
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract review
  • Small business contracts
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Custom contracts

9. Dedicated Legal Team and Meetings With Your Chief Legal Officer

InPrime Legal is unique from other legal subscription services in several ways. We offer meetings with your chief legal officer, unlike many other online legal services. Our customers receive a dedicated legal team that is led by a chief legal officer (CLO). The CLO will hold regular meetings with the owner or owners of your company and key management staff to review and prioritize your legal projects. Your CLO will also hold quarterly strategic meetings with you so you can make sure your legal plan matches your corporate vision and initiatives. You will be assigned an attorney from one of our network of 39 affiliated law firms.

10. Exposure Inspection

Our prepaid legal services include an important exposure inspection. Our experienced legal team will thoroughly review your business to identify any potential risks that you are facing as a business. Our business attorneys are not reactive, we are proactive in preventing litigation before it happens. Our clients provide us with all of their loan documents, contracts, proposals, employee handbooks, and more. We will carefully review your legal documents, looking to identify any red flags that need to be changed and improved. We want to prevent issues before they occur and we will help you improve your legal documents.

At InPrime Legal, we have found that our customers are more likely to give us all of their documents instead of what they deem to be the most important documents for us to review. Why not give us all of your documents? You are paying us a flat fee by the month, not by the hour. Our exposure inspections will help you identify what steps you need to take moving forward. Inexpensive prevention of lawsuits always beats expensive, surprise catastrophes.

11. Access to a Specialized Legal Team

At InPrime Legal, we work with 39 affiliate law firms. The attorneys at these firms have a wide-range of experience in all of the matters facing small to middle sized businesses. Whatever the legal issue you are facing, we have attorneys who can assist you by using their experience and expertise. Your chief legal officer will meet with you strategically to ensure your legal needs are being met. Working with us will give you more time to focus on your business instead of focusing on legal issues. You will not have to be concerned about getting your legal bill and being worried about how many hours your attorney needed to spend on your case. Instead, you can speak freely with your attorney during your consultations.

12. An ROI Report Card

An InPrime Legal subscription includes reports on the return on your investment. Many other online legal subscription services claim to save businesses money in the long term. At InPrime Legal, we provide our clients with more than general promises. We offer them a detailed report about how our specific legal services have saved you money. We document exactly how much our proactive approach has benefited you in both compliance and litigation thwarted. InPrime Legal guarantees clients that they will get a 10-fold return on their monthly subscription fees.

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