Your legal team includes a Chief Legal Officer (“CLO”). The CLO is responsible for the team’s legal work, taking a “Business First” approach to achieving your company’s key initiatives. The CLO advises the owners and executive team on any major legal and regulatory issues the company confronts and often attends board meetings and participates in major company decisions.

CLO Meetings

Your CLO meets with you and your executive team on a regularly scheduled basis, to discuss pressing issues and opportunities, report on liabilities thwarted, and establish priorities and key initiatives.

Exposure Inspection

At the meetings, the CLO inspects your business for possible legal exposure and every business has exposure to legal liability. If unchecked, these threats can suddenly cause inconvenience, significant expense, embarrassment and even catastrophe to the business. The legal team constantly inspects your business for possible legal exposure and then designs a plan to minimize any vulnerability to legal liability.

Specialized Legal Team

The Legal Team executes on the action plans, provides “no assembly required” solutions, and consists of corporate and competition counsel, employment counsel and contacts and IP counsel, and counsel for your leases and commercial real estate. Because we are focused on the results achieved and value gained, not on time spent, the Legal Team approaches each legal project through a different lens – a “business first” lens. We look at the business first – its short-term and long-term initiatives – and then wrap the law around it.

ROI Report Card

We guarantee our members a minimum ten-fold return on their fees. With our proprietary ROI tracker, we document exactly how much our proactive approach has gained our members – in litigation thwarted, compliance completed, and better contracts negotiated. Call us 770-282-8967