Many small-business owners cannot afford to pay to keep an attorney on staff. Unfortunately, starting a business involves many different legal issues that require the help of an attorney. From establishing a business and choosing a legal entity to handle employee disputes, small businesses benefit from the help of an attorney. Prepaid legal services allow businesses and individuals to have access to an attorney for a predetermined monthly fee. 

The client is essentially prepaying for a legal service they may need and benefit from in the future. Usually, these fees cover basic services such as legal advice, a review of legal documents, telephone consultation, drafting simple legal documents, writing letters on behalf of the plan member, and more. More comprehensive legal plans may cover complex legal issues that require representation in court or complex real estate matters. As prepaid legal services have become more popular, so have the critiques against them. You may have heard some of the following objections to getting a prepaid legal service plan. We will provide answers to some of the most common critiques.

Myth #1: Not All Services are Covered

One common objection to prepaid legal services involves what types of services are covered and what. For example, if a business owner needs an attorney to represent him in court, the plan may not cover the court visit. Each prepaid legal service should have a detailed policy explaining what services are covered and not covered. If the service is not covered, the business could end up paying more out-of-pocket. Not all legal services are covered in prepaid legal plans. However, the services provided make up for the cost associated with paying for the plan. Many pre-planned legal service providers offer discounted rates for legal representation for services that are not covered by the plan.

Myth #2: The Attorneys are Pre-Selected

Another objection to prepaid legal services involves customers’ ability to choose the lawyer with whom they will be working. When you choose InPrime Legal, you will be able to work with a team of attorneys who will serve as your in-house counsel. You will not have to work with a single attorney you did not choose. Instead, you will work with a team of vetted attorneys who have a proven track record of successfully representing small and medium-sized businesses.

Your team of attorneys will be spearheaded by a chief legal officer who will hold regular meetings with your owners and key management teams to review and prioritize legal projects.

By working with multiple attorneys, you will benefit from all of the attorneys’ experience in helping businesses limit their liability exposure. The attorneys who work for InPrime Legal are dedicated to helping small to mid-sized businesses who would not otherwise be able to afford in-house representation.

Myth #3: You Will Not Get Your Money’s Worth

As a small business owner, you have probably put your blood, sweat, and tears into your business. Using your hard-earned profits for a subscription service may seem like a waste of capital. You may be concerned that you will not need to use legal services enough to make it worth using the subscription service. At InPrime Legal, you will benefit from a predictable monthly fee. Yes, you will need to pay the fee each month.

However, you will be able to predict exactly how much you will be paying instead of being concerned every time you receive a bill from an attorney who uses the typical bill-per-hour method. Our attorneys put your profits as our priority. We routinely inspect your business for new potential legal exposure and design a custom plan that minimizes liability. It only takes one lawsuit to take down many small to mid-sized businesses. Avoiding the potential for litigation could save your business millions over the long run.

When you use InPrime Legal, you will not have to guess how much money you are saving from using our monthly subscription services. At InPrime Legal, we guarantee that our subscription members will get a 10-fold return on their legal fees. We use a proprietary return on investment (ROI) tracker that documents exactly how much money our proactive approach has gained for our members. We can help you understand how much money you have saved in litigation that has been thwarted, in compliance with business regulation, and with better contracts through our negotiation services. Because we guarantee a return on investment, if you do not see a return on investment, we will refund your monthly subscription fees.

Myth #4: The Service Will Not Provide Business Advice

You may have concerns that working with our team of in-house counsel attorneys will not help you make business decisions that affect profit. At InPrime Legal, our team of attorneys have extensive experience helping business owners make strategic decisions that protect their bottom line. Our attorneys take a “business first” approach to achieving your company’s key goals and initiatives. The chief legal officer who works with your business will attend your board meetings and participate in major company decisions. In other words, our attorneys are not relegated to answering purely legal questions. We will engage with your day-to-day business decisions with your profitability in mind.

Myth #5: You Have to Pay for a Subscription to Find Out if it is Worthwhile

You may be wondering whether you will have to pay a subscription fee to see if you like working with InPrime Legal. Many people are concerned that if they start working with a legal subscription service, they will waste money on their first month of services and then decide they do not like it. They may worry that they will be locked into a long-term contract. We offer potential business clients a free business evaluation.

When you sign up for a free business evaluation, we will provide you with a risk assessment. We will review your business and offer you our legal advice on any areas of liability exposure that you should address. When you sign up for a free evaluation, you will receive a response from us within one business day. Contact us today to learn more about our subscription legal services.